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What are the benefits of a FragFina mortgage advice session?

The aim of our advice is to help you obtain your financing quickly, simply and easily so that you can realize your dream of owning your own property. For this reason, we provide you with objective and comprehensive advice on all questions relating to construction financing.

With us, you not only receive financing, but also an individual financing concept tailored to your needs. As we can choose from a portfolio of over 400 banks, we have the opportunity to offer many different variants and concepts.

Be it a long fixed interest rate, the use of a KfW subsidy or the option of special repayments. We will work with you to develop a concept that meets your requirements.

In addition, all our experts are free to choose the bank through which the financing is to be arranged. There is no cooperation with banks, insurance companies or other product providers. Our advisors are free in their choice of products and can draw on everything that is freely available on the market.

So you can be sure that we will find the financing that best suits your situation.



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Mortgage financing at FragFina explained in 65 seconds


How our advisors compare 400 banks for you


Inventory analysis

Whether new build, existing property or modernization. Your personal goals are always the starting point for every consultation. For this reason, we carry out a detailed analysis at the beginning of the consultation, also known as a self-disclosure.

This gives us an overview of your initial financial situation and financing plans. This is absolutely essential in order to be able to create a sensible and sustainable concept on this basis.

This is the only way to ensure that we can give you the best possible recommendation.



Create a concept

How much real estate can you afford? How much equity do you need? How long should the fixed interest rate be and how can a KfW loan be included in the financing? We take all these and many other questions into account when developing the concept.

We work with you to develop an individual financing concept based on your financial circumstances and personal goals and wishes.

This way, you can be sure that the financing of your property is guaranteed in the long term, even if unforeseen events occur.


How much real estate can I afford?

Calculate the maximum purchase price of your property by clicking on the button.


Product comparison (selection from over 400 banks)

We compare offers from various banks on the basis of the developed concept and look for the best interest conditions.

As we act as a broker, we have the opportunity to access many different banks and are not limited to one partner. We currently have over 400 banks in our portfolio.

In addition to drawing up the concept and comparing banks, we will of course also assist you with the application for financing and the associated paperwork.



Are you looking for advice on mortgage financing?

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This is the Procedure

Have you identified a need for advice? Then please send us an inquiry. The easiest way to do this is via the inquiry form.

Alternatively, you can also send us an e-mail (

One of our consultants will then contact you promptly to arrange an appointment.
As part of the consultation, we start with an analysis of your current situation. This means that we record your financing requirements and prepare a self-assessment.

On this basis, we develop an individual concept for you and find the best conditions from more than 400 banks.
3Applying for mortgage finance
We take care of the application for financing and the associated paperwork.

In other words, we process all the documents together with you and handle the communication with the bank.


Are you looking for advice on mortgage financing?

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Important information on mortgage financing in Germany

Incidental purchase costs in Germany


Incidential purchase costs In % of the purchase price
Costs for the real estate agent 3,57%
Notary fees 1,5%
Costs for entry in the land register 0,5%
Property transfer tax 3,5% - 6,5%


Frequently asked questions about mortgage financing in Germany

Where does the advice take place?
Counseling takes place online via Teams.
What training do our consultants have?
  • Our consultants have a variety of academic backgrounds, from business administration to law and engineering.
  • In addition, each consultant has completed the IHK training as an insurance specialist in accordance with § 34d GewO and attended numerous internal training courses and workshops.
  • Our consultants are DEFINO certified. This means that our advisors can advise you on the basis of the German financial standard DIN SPEC 77230.
  • In the area of investment, each advisor has completed the IHK training as a financial investment specialist in accordance with § 34f GewO. Our advisors use a professional liability umbrella in accordance with § 32 KWG to offer you all investment options.
  • Our real estate experts are licensed as real estate loan brokers in accordance with § 34i GewO
Are our mortgage advisors free to choose their products?
All our advisors work as brokers (independent insurance brokers) and are therefore not tied to any provider products. The broker has a free choice of all products offered on the market (with the exception of products that are exclusively brokered by providers). In addition, the insurance broker is even legally obliged to protect the interests of the customer vis-à-vis the product providers. An insurance broker does not have a contract with an insurance company, but works on behalf of the customer. So you can be sure that our advisors will select the products that best suit you and your goals and wishes.
Who is a consultation suitable for?
Our advice is generally suitable for all professional groups. Whether employed, civil servant, self-employed or freelancer.


Are you looking for advice on mortgage financing?

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